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The Tamegonit Lodge History Book has been updated and is now available for purchase. With over 50 new pages of history, this 147 paged book takes an insightful look at our Lodge’s past.

The current price is $30.

If you are interested in purchasing, they are available at the trading post for $30.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Lodge historian:

               Luke Thomas – [email protected]

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Most Recent Historian Story

Before I leave the podium, as the Historian, it is my solemn duty to educate the Arrowmen in the History of Tamegonit Lodge.

Today my history education is going to be about something more recent than anything else I’ve talked about so far. Part of it hasn’t even happened yet.

At the most recent section conclave, William Delziet, our 2021 Lodge Chief, ran for section chief. For those of you who don’t know, when someone runs for a position at the section level, part of the process is getting asked 3 questions by the section members. It just so happened that he was running unopposed. Because of this the questions he was asked were more of a joke than actual questions about his credibility, he credibility was unquestionable.

The question that I want to talk about was the third one asked: What would you make the theme for the 2023 section conclave when elected?

He said the first thing that came to his head: Christmas. 

Because of this, the theme for section conclave is now Christmas.

So if any of you are going to section conclave this next year, I would highly recommend bringing some Christmas stuff to show our lodge spirit to make it an awesome event, so I can talk about it at a future LEC.

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