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What is the Lodge Executive Committee?

The Lodge Executive Committee consists of the seven elected Lodge Officers, 10 Chapters Chiefs, 48 Lodge Committee Chairmen as appointed by the Lodge Chief, working with the Lodge Vice-Chiefs, the immediate past Lodge Chief, as well as their adult advisers, the Council Camping Committee Chairman or his/her representative, and the Scout Executive or his/her designee. These youth comprise the voting members of the LEC; adult advisers are non-voting members of the LEC. The Committee is chaired by the Lodge Chief.

The Lodge Chief is elected by the youth on a yearly basis and is a member of the Key 3. The Key 3 provides leadership to the LEC and helps guide the lodge leadership, and, in turn, the Lodge, to meets its goals and obligations on a yearly basis. The Lodge Adviser is appointed by the Scout Executive on a yearly basis (often times for multiple consecutive years).  The Lodge Staff Adviser is the Scouting Professional assigned by the Scout Executive to support the Lodge on a day-to-day basis.  To contact a member of the Key 3, please e-mail Tanner Fuson or call (816) 569-4955.

The LEC generally meets the third Thursday of every month at the Scout Service Center (check the Council calendar). Committee Chairs are encouraged to meet with the elected officer to which they report at 6:30 p.m., prior to the beginning of the LEC Meeting at 7:00 p.m. The LEC meeting generally runs for about an hour, depending on the business the LEC deems necessary to conduct. All LEC meetings are open to all members of the Lodge. Please email the Lodge Chief if interested in learning more.


Third (3rd) Thursday of the month

In person: 6:30 PM

Online: 7:00 PM 


Heart of America Council Office (See map)

Lodge Officers

There are seven elected positions within Tamegonit Lodge. These youth serve as Lodge Officers for the year and are responsible for carrying out the program and administration of Tamegonit Lodge. The seven Lodge Officers are the Lodge Chief, four Lodge Vice-Chiefs, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Lodge Officers must be under 21 for their entire term. Lodge Officers are best distinguished at OA weekends.

Contact: [email protected]

Serving as Lodge Chief for Tamegonit Lodge can be one of the most demanding, yet fulfilling, jobs a youth member in Scouting can ever hold. Only a select few are ever elected to this high honor by the Lodge. A Lodge Chief is elected at Fall Fellowship and serves from Winter Banquet to Winter Banquet, training the newly elected successor during the months between their election and the end of their term.  A year in the life of a Lodge Chief has both its ups and downs.

The Lodge Chief can be any youth member of Tamegonit Lodge. The Lodge Chief is distinguished at Lodge Events by a simple Ordeal Arrowhead in place of a coup thong, as a symbol of the Ordeal that every leader faces. Tamegonit Lodge also has an unofficial Lodge Chief Patch that is passed from Lodge Chief to Lodge Chief to be worn on the uniform.

Past Lodge Chiefs are entitled to wear a bonnet, without a trail. Any member of the Lodge seen wearing one of these bonnets has served the Lodge well. Lodge Chiefs are responsible for maintaining the status of the Lodge. The chief works with a Lodge Adviser and a Lodge Staff Adviser.

Contact: [email protected]

The Vice-Chief of Inductions is primarily responsible for executing successful Induction events for all those newly elected candidates to become Ordeal members and for those Ordeal members wishing to seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow by becoming Brotherhood members. They oversee the Ceremonies, Dance, Runner, Elangomat, Nimat, and Inductions Service Projects Committees. He also works in consultation with Reservation Leadership to support the Summer Camp OA Coordinator. 

Contact: [email protected]

The Vice-Chief of Program is primarily responsible for ensuring successful events that build the fellowship and excitement for the Order of the Arrow program for all members of the Lodge on an ongoing, year-long basis. They oversee the Chapel, Conclave, Dining Hall, Founder’s Award, Vigil, Fall Fellowship, Winter Banquet, Lodge Service Projects, Logistics, NOAC, Parking, Scouting 500, OA High Adventure, and OA Camp Coordinator Committees. They also oversee other events held at Sectional, Regional or National levels as announced. 

Contact: [email protected]

The Vice-Chief of Chapters is primarily responsible for overseeing the Chapter Chiefs and Chapter operations throughout the Lodge including providing support to help Chapters and a means for Chapters to share ideas about increased participation in Scouting at the unit level and in the Order of the Arrow.  They oversee all 14 Chapter Chiefs and Advisers, and the OA Troop Representative and Cub Scout Connections Committees. 

Contact: [email protected]

The Vice-Chief of Administration is primarily responsible for overseeing the lodge operations and lodge committees pertaining to and responsible for recordkeeping, leadership training, historical information, and lodge policies and procedures. Those committees he oversees the Membership Committee, Training Committee and all associated sub-committees to those Committees.

Contact: [email protected]

The Secretary is responsible for the communications in our Lodge including keeping minutes of the Lodge Executive Committee Meetings; overseeing publication of the Torchbearer, the Lodge newsletter; maintaining updated communications on our website and Facebook page; supporting camping and camp promotions to all units; and regularly updating “On the Loose,” the Lodge’s camping locations publication. They oversee the Alumni Relations, Historian, Marketing, Newsletter, and Social Media Committees.

Contact: [email protected]

The Treasurer is in charge of the finances of the Lodge. The Treasurer sets forth a budget for approval by the Lodge, and regularly monitors the status of lodge funds. The Lodge Treasurer’s goal is to constantly balance the cost of services provided to the lodge, while making participation affordable for all. They works to generate funds for the lodge through merchandising and fundraising opportunities. The Treasurer also deals with the National Service Grant and the collection of dues. They oversee the Fundraising Events and Trading Post Committees. 

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